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18 November 2003 - New Release - BasiliX-1.1.1.

Firstly, apologies that this has taken so long, especially as it is mainly only a maintainance release. Due to circumstances beyond my control I was left without internet access for the last 2 weeks. Anyway here it is.

This release fixes a few bugs in the message search and some attatchment and security related fixes submitted by Christofer Algotsson as well as some cosmetic changes. From docs/NEWS:

For a full list of changes in this release please see the new CHANGELOG file in the source root directory.

28 October 2003 - New Mailing List.

I've set up a new mailing list using Sourceforge. My reasons for this were that there was very little response to my recent mail in favour of keeping the Yahoo list, furthermore the list hasn't been particularly active anyway and finally my last message, sent to the list several days ago, has yet to appear. The new list can be reached at the Sourceforge subscription page. The old list will continue to exist for now but I can't guarantee it's continued existence. Therefore I'd prefer it if existing users could transfer to the new list. New users should certainly use the Sourceforge list.

26 October 2003 - cvs up and running.

After a few connection problems, I've finally got BasiliX cvs up and running. Anyone wanting to contribute to the development of BasiliX, either by testing or coding, should go grab it. If you're looking for a stable, production version though, you should stick to 1.1.1.

12 October 2003 - BasiliX Project up and running under new management.

BasiliX is once again under active developement. Over the last couple of weeks, with the help of Murat, I have been working to get the BasiliX project moving again. We now have the project hosted on Sourceforge and, hopefully, this will see the start of a new productive development cycle led by myself, Mike Peters.

Over the next couple of weeks I hope to poll opinion from current users about what direction they would like to see the future development of BasiliX take. Also any code which anyone has written over this recent period of latency will be gratefully accepted for review and possible inclusion in future versions. Once I have an idea of what people want, I'll get a cvs branch started and we can start to move towards a new version.

Looking forward to hearing from you,
Mike Peters
mike AT basilix DOT org

11 September 2003 - Murat Arslan announces that he will no longer be able to continue with the project.

Murat's announcement....
As most of you know, the BasiliX project was not updated for more than a year now for a number of reasons. As of September 11, 2003 BasiliX project has been discontinued. The download page, mailing list archive, etc. are still available. If you are interested in taking over BasiliX development please let me know.

The main reason of creating BasiliX was to port ZomZom (hotmail style webmail written in perl by me, not GPL), and write a GPL software. I decided to code in PHP, because it had its built in IMAP API, hence helped me to code easily. However, the IMAP API of PHP didn't have all the IMAP features defined in RFC, that's why BasiliX had some problems displaying e-mails (Lotus for instance). Worse, I didn't have enough time to create my own routines or to fix vulnerabilities, bugs. BasiliX was a hobby, it was simply a tool to make myself master PHP. I created it in my spare times, and enjoyed coding it.

Time changes. Since then, I had several (private) problems, and then lost my energy and will to keep on developing BasiliX. I think this is the soul of GPL. You create a free software, and then switch to and focus to another one.

I'd like to thank everyone who helped develop or advocate BasiliX, and hope that you might enjoy using it. -m

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